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LibreOffice is a package like Microsoft office. LibreOffice is free and fastest office suite in which unleashes our creativity. It is tested and used by a large community and it expanded in very little time. It’s a fun project. It is officially authorized by IOS by license number as MPLv2.0 (also as License GPL LGPLv3).

LibreOffice for Your Business

You can download this office free of coast. It is good for you if you are using it at the initial level, not for high concerning things. On the other hand, if you desire to get all and full feature access then you also to buy its premium version. In the business community these LibreOffice is now we strongly recommend you because it has more feature and advantages for you against any other. You can solve many problems in business with the help of this.

LibreOffice has the same application which is used in documentation and typing etc. It is the same as Microsoft word but shortcut keys and some other functions are different. As Microsoft office has excel, LibreOffice has application Calc for tabular calculations, budget creation, and product analysis. As Microsoft Word has application PowerPoint for presentations, LibreOffice has applications impress for making a presentation and it’s so simple.

LibreOffice has a standard application Draw in which we can edit and create vector images. LibreOffice has an application Base for database handling. It has an application Math in which we can edit and calculate mathematical equations. It has also a powerful pdf editor which is faster than other software’s and more importantly it is free of cost.

LibreOffice Supported OS & Versions

This LibreOffice operating system is supported with Linux x64 (deb) Mac OS X x86-64(10.10) and also with Windows. Versions which are available is 6.4.1, 6.4.0, 6.3.5 these are now updated version available in the market.

The first version of the LibreOffice was developed in 2011 on 25 January. After this, new versions were developed and they fixed many bugs and problems. Now the latest version of LibreOffice is 6.4.1 which is released on 27-02-2020 which has some new features and they fix some annoying bugs.

Is the LibreOffice Secure?

LibreOffice is secure as Microsoft office but it’s more secure because it’s open-source software so we can use it safely. In business, concern security is a top priority so which LibreOffice is providing you on high levels.

Is the LibreOffice on android?

Yes, there is an application of the LibreOffice for android. Android users can also use it and it’s also free but it supports android beta. You can download this application from the playstore and its storage is 145MB.


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