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Open source and image editing software, written in c language, it is GIMP, a GNU image manipulation program. Free download GIMP software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Therefore, the graphic industry needs image editing software, to meet the requirement of real-world images solution. Software like Gimp solves professional image editing issues.

GIMP is cross-platform, free download Gimp software and install on your Desktop. It is one code file, which only needs to install on your system after, you should run their setup. In Graphics, image resizing and cropping is not only one task. Most of the expert sketches with brushes. As similarly, the addition of color schemes, change the appearance of images, according to point of imagination.

GIMP Graphics Editor Review

Images manipulation program, for the graphics industry and do a variety of task under one platform. Furthermore, it’s open-source software to execute at any platform. The most supportive operating system for GIMP in the recommendation is widows, Mac and Linux.

Across the time, Gimp Developer, update image manipulating software. Further, the new version of Gimp is more improve than previously. Every software contains the bug, whenever new features, add to them. In every update, Gimp adds new features and tools for the Graphics industry to make them reliable.

In the beginning phases, Gimp is creating an open-source project. Further, it is completed in both GNU and GNOME projects. As similarly, the interface of GIMP is: eye-catching, easy to use, and provide better navigation for proper use to do a specific task.

In the field of graphics, Photoshop creates is place, those who are not using Photoshop and search for their alternative. Thus, GIMP has all features to become the competitor of Photoshop. Nowadays, a more updated version of Gimp is coming. It should meet all requirements of a professional and single user to do an editing task on images.

GIMP Features

  • Tool for image editing.
  • Dialogue window to guide specific function of section.
  • New design of brush and filter to decorate the image.
  • Convert images in a variety of formats.
  • Addition of canvas for the color scheme.
  • Built color scheme.
  • Add and remove the watercolor mark.
  • Make a list of colors with a combination of Primary colors (RBG).
  • Rectangular and circular rotation image for cropping and resizing.
  • Pick pixel with a brush.
  • Blur and sharp tool for the image.
  • Edit images in the layer style.
  • Use filters to check out standard editing on the image.
  • Import and Export, the huge format of images on GIMP.

GIMP System Requirements:

  • 1 GB Ram and 1 GHZ processor for installation.
  • Write in C Language.
  • Cross-platform application to run operating systems.
  • Software type, graphic editor.
  • Need a GPL3 license for activation.


Best software for image editing, Alternative of Photoshop, better for professional use and for a group of people, Gimp free download to improve graphic skills and edit image at the next level.



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