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Word processing is everywhere in the world so in the past it is doing on paper, and later computers. Now word processing is taking place in the online world in the shape of Google Docs. A web-based system, to saves the date on one platform with the help of Gmail and recover, whenever need.

It shows that how much world changes, the time of paperwork convert into online word processing system. In Civilized countries, web base word processing method gets popularity. Further, there is no problem to save work on the Desktop. Just take your smartphone, and type google doc. Open file edit, enter data and save them.

Google Docs Overview

A web system to manage word processing in the world, so create Gmail and save data in google docs. It works the same as Microsoft office with more advance features. Now every operating system is trying to work online system, few of them are introducing their online word processing system. Thing to know: only google docs provide free account service in 15 GB Data storage.

Write online letters, memos and business proposals in Google Docs. Further, present your work with the power pint feature. Calculate your accounts and do advance mathematics in excel. As similarly, the option of G suite software is providing through Google Docs to store unlimited data in the pro version.

All HTML 5 supportive browsers have access to full control over the doc’s option. Few of the options like voice search are not working in that browser, who is not HTML 5 supportive. Therefore, google doc’s application not only present in android but the iOS version is also available on the Apple play store.

Google Docs Key Features

  • AutoSaves work, whenever you write any thin in Docs.
  • Support of modern browsers.
  • Update in a variety of languages.
  • Add an extension to enhance the working of google docs.
  • Support all kinds of file formats.
  • Use Google Docs and G suite is free.
  • Connect with google cloud.

Google Docs Pros

  • Powerful and online app for office work.
  • Support web and portable devices.
  • Support multiple formats

Google Docs Cons

  • The offline version needs an extension to save work.
  • The difference in control of the online and offline versions of Google Docs.

Google Docs Details 

  • Google Docs is the creation of Google LLC.
  • Write in JavaScript.
  • An open-source web-based application to run a variety of platforms.
  • Available on all popular operating systems.
  • Software type word processor.
  • Web system to run on desktop and mobile both.

Result: Online word processing software: separate application for desktop and mobile and google docs available on all stores and operating systems. Support a popular operating system to run online and offline. In every update editing, google docs contain new features and remove the previous bug. Most organization, gives preference to google for management of office work. It means the trend of paper and desktop word processing control by google docs.




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