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Perform a graphic task in calligra office; manage your content and organization related tasks in office software. It is the package of different software, in which you should present your work, in slide, write text in a variety of formats, edit images and calculate your account.

In the organization, most of the task is performing on Desktop. Thus, it is the best option for you to download the Calligra office, to increase work performance on desktop. As similarly, download the calligra office for pc and mobile, to optimize your speed and performance. You should check the result of your documents on mobile and pc both at the same time, just to connect the internet.

The Software package of calligra contains word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database support, graphics, and panting tools. A huge of software gets in on a package of calligra office. It should help, you to manage group tasks at one time. For personal use, it is the best software to create and edit document tasks.

Calligra Office Overview

The alternative of Microsoft office is the calligra office. It should run on mobile and desktop. Do a variety of tasks, in you, should style document to write text, make them beautiful with image addition and editing. Present work slide, create a database for your work storage and calculate the average of work, through different formulas and tasks.

Calligra office is cross-platform software; it should run on widow, Linus, and many other operating systems. It is creating for desktop performance. The updated version of the calligra office should support mobile.

The creation of the calligra office is the result of the disagreement between k office communities. Thomas zander and their team is the core developer of calligra office. Every year, calligra office updates in packages. Gives a new interface and remove the bug in their software.

In the Market, after Microsoft office, calligra office taking his place, fill the requirement of the personal user and organization to do multiple tasks at the same time. The characteristic of calligra office makes the best choice for graphic user to use them as a profession, so some of the features are mention below.

Calligra Office Features

  • A word processor can support MS word documents.
  • Calculate the scientific term and manage your performance in the table.
  • Present your work in slides in the calligra office.
  • Provide database option to store your data.
  • Addition of office management tools.
  • Introduction of mind mapping tools.
  • Create a flow chart, to create logics and learn to program.
  • Make sketches and edit images in the calligra office.
  • Support different document extensions.

Calligra Office Specification

  • 1 GB ram for Execution1 GHz processor for processing.
  • 2 GB hard disk free space.


Graphic software for word processing and many other tasks to do on desktop, Therefore, save time and increase desktop performance with calligra office. Moreover, it is a package of different software which is introducing in one collection, whose name is calligra office.

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