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The myth that any office suite other than Microsoft’s is incompatible with our documents and more cumbersome has long since fallen by its weight. Nothing is further from reality. Apache OpenOffice is an excellent free and free alternative that has nothing to envy to the popular toolkit. A large part of its development community decided to create a fork on its own. Also, the program includes a compelling history of open documents with which you can automatically access all your work files or studies regardless of whether it is a text document, a spreadsheet, or a presentation.

Features of Apache OpenOffice:

Apache OpenOffice is a mature and feature-packed desktop productivity package with some huge advantages:

  • It’s free – don’t worry about licensing costs
  • Without language barriers
  • LGPL public license – you can use it, customize it, modify it, and copy it
  • It includes a tool known as the “Statistics Wizard,” alternated with the “Analysis ToolPak” of Excel, which can be applied to handle statistical, financial, and other types of calculations

What platforms support Apache OpenOffice?

This software cans on a range of platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, Android, and specific other operating systems (OS). There are certainly more in-depth requirements; for example, only Windows versions 7 or higher can support the suite of software. At least 256 MB of RAM is also required, as is around 1.5 GB of hard drive disk space.

What’s new in Apache OpenOffice?

It is now available for download Apache OpenOffice free, which includes a significant amount of improvements, such as the new compatibility of files concerning creator documents in Microsoft, allowing users to use both platforms without generating any incompatibility.

As for other office automation improvements, now with Apache OpenOffice, you can export Writer documents to the eBook format, so you can also import QuarkXPress files, which means that creators can take advantage of the attributes of this free platform to publish electronic books.

Finally, now that Apache OpenOffice can download for free, users should know that the Open Document Format (ODF) export filters have been optimized, which also offers support for viewing images.


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