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In the age of computers, photo editing is an essential need. Every day in the market, software relating to photo editing is lunching, provides facility to photographers. Edit images and makes them real, as the user imagines. In Adobe Photoshop series cs5 is one of the best editions to download for user satisfaction.

Here, a question rise, why should we not download the above and latest edition of cs5. It quite impressive though. First of all, Adobe Company is not providing online services for its latest version. As similarly, most of the designer is well skill, to edit image in Photoshop cs5.

Still graphic designer are preferring adobe Photoshop cs5 edition to download. There are minds, which makes them the best choice of designer in current circumstances. Few of them, are briefing here, it should help to make better decisions to download Photoshop cs5 edition.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Features

  • Provide separate color tools (add color through HTML code or simply use brushes).
  • Give opacity to images, and get complete control over the shadow of the object.
  • Add multiple layers with feather options.
  • Refine edges with special tools of adobe Photoshop cs5 edition.
  • Content supportive image editing.
  • Do 3d work with animations.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Download Review

Best graphic designing tool for designers, to perform photo editing tasks. Software, creates for image modification, according to real-world problems. It got fame in the graphic industry, to edit images with a variety of options.

In the field of graphics, all designers are working on special tools, to improve their skills. Thus, Adobe Photoshop cs5 is the most common use toll in the designer community. No doubt the latest version is coming after cs5 but he makes unique from others.

Major advantage of adobe Photoshop cs5 is common but important to know about them. It should execute 32 bit and 64-bit versions. Just download Adobe Photoshop cs5 edition, after installing them. When installation is completing, a user-supported guide is lunching to brief about the basic function of adobe Photoshop cs5.

Most of the features Photoshop features are common to read everywhere. Here, you have should read about the characteristics of Adobe Photoshop CS5, to understand the reason, which tells download adobe Photoshop cs5 for better performance in Artwork.

Download Requirement for Adobe Photoshop CS5

  • Ram 2 GB or higher.
  • Hard disk space is 2 G.
  • Dual-core or higher processor.
  • Windows xp/7/ 10 is supporting the operating system.

Pros and Cons of Adobe Photoshop CS5


  • Best for all kind of Graphic task.
  • Trial license software.
  • Support the window operating system.
  • Do multiple images and graphic format work?
  • Edit PS Photographs.


  • Issues are common in working software, every updated version of Adobe Photoshop cs5 are lunching with better function.
  • Fresher’s some time fell difficulty to use the interface of Photoshop cs5. Later, in common user, all the working procedure is looking friendly.
  • It is difficult to create complete software through any developer. Thus, adobe developers always working on different issues to make their better and easy to use for graphic designers.


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