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In the graphics industry, user-friendly image editor software is few and acorn is one of them. A Tool, which edit image as Photoshop, saves time to find a variety of software for specific tasks. Acorn downloads for desktop to edit the image as like pro.

Acorn develops for mac, to edit images on their operating system. Further, apple launches an alternative of Photoshop on his platform, to edit all kinds of images on mac. For mac users, the acorn interface is friendly, they would prefer, acorn to download on mac, instead of Photoshop.

Acorn Features

  • Editing on layer filters.
  • Variety of layer masks and modes.
  • Option of screenshot on the layer section.
  • Option to create a specific brush for a special task.
  • Circle all text tools.
  • Option of web export.
  • Apply photo effects.
  • Meaning full of vector for sketching.
  • Improvement in crop tools.
  • Rotate, resize and transfer the image on layers.
  • Option to import image.
  • Pick a color in a manual action.
  • Rustic file support.

Acorn download Review

Graphics software install on mac, to achieve the purpose of photo editing. The developer of acorn is flying meat INC. Further, it is considered being alternative to Photoshop. Most of the mac user prefers to download acorn for images modification.

In the latest version of the acorn web export option introduced, so modify images on the web, increase your performance. On the other hand, features like clone across, layer and layer expert are also introducing.

In the updated edition of acorn, bug removes, so now they perform better than the previous version. Download the latest version of an acorn on your Mac and start editing images as like pro. Before download, some pros and cons are briefing to understand the issue, which you may face, after installing the setup.

  •    Pros 

A set of tools is offering in the acorn to do specific tasks for images processing, crop, resize or change them in different formats. Therefore, handle each part of the image layer form, after layer setting merge all parts of the photo to give the final shape.

Apply filter, to produce an effect on your editing, save one image in every effect to save your work as a record. As similarly, change image shape to apply built-in filters of shapes, further, competed Photoshop in present days.

  •    Cons

Update version of Acorn run on the Mac operating x and or later version. Thus, here doesn’t mean the old version is not supporting your Mac operating system.

Acorn Software Details 

  • Flying meat Inc. developers of Acorn.
  • Specially Design for mac operating system.
  • Software falls in graphic editor type.
  • Desktop software for an image editor.


Mac supported software for image editing. Apply filter to change the effect on the images. Moreover, it is the best alternative of Photoshop and gives reliable speed on the Apple operating system. Download acorn for photo editing tasks and improve your skills to the next level of learning.


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